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We are affiliated with Pinellas County's top professionals in the industry and are proud to offer their services alongside our own!

Single Services are always available and prices are based on each property

Services Provided

- Sealing: _________________$1.25/SQFT

- Grease Can Clean: _______ $59.99

- Dumpster Clean: _________$69.99

- Window Cleaning: _______ $9.99 Per Pane/2 Side

- Soft Wash: ______________ $0.25/SQFT

- Wall Rinse: ______________ $0.15/SQFT

- Roof Wash: ______________$0.00/SQFT

- Surface Cleaning &

  Algae Treatment: ________ $0.25/SQFT


- Awning Rinse: ___________ $0.25/SQFT

Cleaning with Water Pump

Schedule an estimate today and ask about our package deal discounts!

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